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Jo M. Sekimonyo | The Metaphysical Theory of Egalitarian Economics

The Metaphysical Theory of Egalitarian Economics (2018)

In this book, Sekimonyo clearly casts the blame for poverty caused by global capitalization at the door of the Western governments – the colonies’ natural resources and their peoples having been exploited and left to endure the terrible consequences of social politics: ecological issues, terrorism, famine and constriction of the third-world’s attempts at achieving democracy. Meanwhile, the masters’ own countries have become private enterprises; their citizens shareholders. Now, the distinction between “profit” and “surplus” has become fuzzy, and the environmental impact of wealth accumulation is a subject avoided globally - but this is only made possible by complicity/complacency amongst the poor population, conditioned by free-market propaganda.


SPANISLa Teoría Metafísica De La Economía Igualitaria (Spanish Edition)
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