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  • Jo M. Sekimonyo

The Metaphysical Theory of Egalitarian Economics

What is the catalyzer of the ballooning the social, economic, and social gap between the gang of robber barons and captains of industry and the rest? By the end of the twentieth century, every social, commerce and trade, and political constructs underwent more than rhinoplasties in a desperate effort to escape responsibility. A global system underlying the extremely unequal distribution of wealth and power has kept the profane views of the laboring class and hierarchical arrangements between commerce and trade actors the same. Conspiracy rules and success myths do work. Every existing doctrine compresses the ambiance of the love affair with untamable disillusions. Thanks to capitalism, as the story goes, poor white women and children as humans were recognized. Somehow, everyone else also found their way through the golden age of self-enslavement into the human centipede. We have all metamorphosed into efficient slaves.

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Interview by Editions Dedicaces

Jo M. Sekimonyo an be best described as a realist, a philosopher of socioeconomic inequality, a humanitarian, and a person that is not afraid to speak his own mind.


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