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  • Jo M. Sekimonyo

Open letter from Jo Sekimonyo to Councilor Josée-Marie Tasoki,High Magistrate of DRC State Council

Dear Counselor Tasoki,

With the greatest respect for your work and your commitment to fair justice, I address you to express an urgent concern regarding the processing of the motion for interim relief ROR 697, on which you presided over the hearing on 2 October 2023.

I honored my part by submitting my pleading note within the prescribed deadline, expecting a rapid decision allowing my participation in the ongoing electoral process. However, the subsequent silence of the State Council and the declaration of inadmissibility by the Constitutional Court on October 30, 2023, without examination on the merits, have given rise to profound uncertainty.

The cardinal role of the State Council in the administration of administrative justice and that of the Constitutional Court in the safeguarding of our Constitution cannot be underestimated. The request in question, falling within the administrative domain, requires a resolution by the State Council, particularly in the context of the lack of a clear legislative framework for taking into account pending applications.

Your relevant comment on judicial efficiency in the Kamerhe case highlights the ability of our judicial system to act quickly when necessary. This capacity must now be mobilized to avoid a precedent that would undermine confidence in our judicial and electoral system.

The imminent publication of the final list of candidates for the presidential election makes the decision of the State Council more crucial than ever. It is imperative that the State Council, under your aegis, rules on this request to honor the principles of rapid and impartial justice that you yourself have defended.

The question of whether the State Council has failed to fulfill its legal obligations is now overtaken by the imperative need for a decision on your part, without which the electoral process risks being tainted by contested legitimacy.

I remain confident in your desire for justice and in your ability to meet the expectations of Congolese citizens. It is with a spirit of respect and patriotism that I await your imminent decision.

Please accept, Sir, the expression of my highest consideration.



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