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  • Jo M. Sekimonyo

Interview by V.M. Simandan

There are so many news websites telling us how bad the world economy is. How does your book differentiate from this online noise?

These websites are primarily dedicated to economic pundits with the goal to bamboozle the general public with graphs and mystifying terminology. Their formulations are often fueled by abstract concepts and crazy assumptions just to fit a certain projection and justify what that they have in mind, which is prolonging capitalism. How can the same graph and data be used to make a case for austerity and then turn around and be an excuse for spending? Sounds weird? It is, but the public is unaware of that. Unfortunately, most of these concepts are all reactionary. Instead, my book is a response to the general public’s outcry. My book is more about making an overview of the current state of global affairs and finish the idea that the new defiant minds who refuse to accept the status quo but are unable to answer to the challenge of coming up with a solution. Let me put it this way, unlike current economic wannabe druids who go on writing hundreds of pages with no solution, I put on the table, a thought provoking alternative to capitalism.

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