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  • Jo M. Sekimonyo

Knock knock

What’s there to learn from my first literary crusade? Communism was thrown out when common sense gained grounds in most part because it was an experiment of Frankenstein proportions. In this day and age, there is a miniscule number of cynical rich kids and former cold war mécènes out there who have yet to come to terms with the facts. Dazed by the twenty first century range and depth of social and political time warp, these pathetic coalitions indict the obsessional neoconservative agenda polluting every single transnational policy. They inaudibly vindicate disillusioned countries like Cuba and Vietnam. With the same stomach-churning candor, they discount North Korea’s sociopathic regime and its sadistic mammoth sized penitentiary camps. On the same pyramid of foolishness, I list socialist caricatures who would cite the example of France as a success story. The country of bigoted love socialism façade persists with the help of the common ownership of its “former” colonies. This evidence only come to assert that socialism is simply a parody. I reserved the right to demystify Islamic economics for the reason you, the reader, will come to untangle.

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