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Economic Jihad - Amazon Book Review

March 5, 2015

Social injustice and economic inequality are issues that I deeply care about. I have worked like a demon to help push petitions in relation to these issues and each representative has fallen flat each time after hitting government steps. I’m frustrated at our global system and have given up all hope in Capitalism as it lacks compassion & practical sense.

The author’s witty shots and extensive knowledge of our deteriorating society clearly shows that he is passionate about issues affecting the majority. The author even went to the extent of referring to my homeland by mentioning the unfortunate event that occurred to the Moriori (a tapu race) of the Chatham Islands of New Zealand, which definitely took me by surprise. Even the mention of Moriori among some locals today can strike a nerve.

I for one have found the read inspiring even though it made my blood boil & put me through an emotional rollercoaster, I just couldn’t let myself put this book down once I started. It brought up emotions of my past while travelling through the back streets of Asia. The notion of Ethosism is highly intriguing that I’ve opt-in to pre-ordering the authors next book “Ethosism Manifesto”.

Just ask yourself these few questions. Is our greed for monetary success absolutely, necessary? Is having Capitalists exploit working class and accumulating wealth benefiting our society as a whole? Why are capitalists allowed to accumulate wealth when the poor so desperately need the basics such as nourishment, medical care, clothing and shelter? It seems criminal how children are dying on the street while the 1% profit & accumulate excessive wealth.

This author is bold and determined to challenge the status quo and I highly recommend the read, no matter what your background.

For truth and duty it is ever the fitting time; who waits until circumstances completely favor his undertaking, will never accomplish anything. - Martin Luther

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