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Economic Jihad - Amazon Book Review

February 26, 2015


“Who is Jo M. Sekimonyo?

Congolese roots, American fermented, and globally bottled Ideological queer (nonconformist). If you ever run into me, within 5 minutes you will know that I am fiercely opinionated and allergic to badly patched arguments and people who stand complacent in the face of two major issues that pierce my heart: social injustice and economic inequality.

I can be seen as eccentric, because I refuse to listen to music that I cannot find on vinyl discs; but if you look like a hobo walking the streets – you can count on me to give you my last dime. That is me in a nutshell.”

See what I mean? Absolutely irresistible!

Now for the book:

In a word: Compelling!

“In a country well governed, poverty is something to be ashamed of. In a country badly governed, wealth is something to be ashamed of.” Confucius

So begins one of my favorite chapters: I See Poor People. (a take on one of the author’s favorite movies: I See Dead People by M. Night Shyamalan (an admiration we share!) In this chapter, Sekimonyo dares to challenge the Mandela régime by setting aside the 27 years he spent in a labor camp, to examine the ultimate outcome of the whole Apartheid debacle. A bold move – few have ever broached, but he does it brilliantly, with conviction and concise knowledge that just may open your eyes to a subject that is difficult for the world to examine.

Like the poor in America (including ex-military survivors occupying cardboard boxes they call home) living among the wealthy in a country that heralds itself as “The Greatest Nation in the World” ... “their are none so blind as they who refuse to see.” The author notes that greatness should not be judged by what one says – but by ones’ actions! WOW! A belief he learned from his Grandparents –“their mantra”, he states. (Would loved to have known them!).

I am so impressed by this author’s ability to peel back the layers of shyte (ooops, can I say that?) by cleverly disguising his observances with humor clad piercing rounds that go straight to the heart. Jo M. Sekimonyo’s unconventional writing technique is so refreshing – like having a conversation with an old friend, that I could go on - an on - and on; but to do so would ruin the discovery awaiting you upon reading it for yourself. That would be unforgivable of me – so reluctantly, I will end this review as I began it: Fell so in Love with the Bio – Had to Read the Book! In a word – Compelling!

Cast Away: Economic Jihad by Jo M. Sekimonyo ... a great read anytime, but surely on this cold February night. Thanks Jo!

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